Are the store bought potting benches worth it?

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If so where would you recommend? TIA

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Most are not made with treated wood, so they rot fairly quickly. Make your own with treated wood.

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I realized you asked for store bought but just for reference. I made this one.

Rollers make heavy pots move easier. Poles are removable so large pots can drop down to lower position to work with.

Little bins hold and receive excess soil.

The bottom level gets big bins of soils.

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If you have a saw of some sort and a drill, I would look at making my own. Most pre made ones use low quality wood that don’t hold up as long in a greenhouse and they won’t be custom sized to your greenhouse. I have been pinning free plans on Pinterest for mine.

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I just grabbed a old sink cabinet and kitchen sink. Put a container under the drain area to catch excess soil from potting.

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Make your own it'll work for you better than a bought one.

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I bought mine from FarmTech. I bought some that are 2’ /8’ and some that are 4’ /8’. They are sturdy and have held up well, but they are the wrong size. They are all pushed against the outside walls. Don’t get 4’ deep unless you can access them from both sides. For the 4’ deep ones, I can’t reach the plants at the back. In my opinion, benches pushed against the outside wall would ideally be 3’ deep. I wish I had better thought through the interior design.

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Looking for a quality bench as well. Harbor freight looks good, but the more suggestions the better. Thanks

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This one is from Harbor Freight and I love it!

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