When it comes to placing the green house, where’s the best place to keep it?

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I know southern exposure is probably going to be the best option, but the way my yard is set up, I don’t really have that option with all the trees and stuff.

Should I place it where it’ll get the most sun all throughout the season? Or should I worry more about spring and summer exposure? Does it need full sun, or will a greenhouse do well in shaded areas? Etc.

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If you put grow lights, full sun really isn't an issue or at least it hasn't been for us. We have 4 large pecan tree and 2 pine trees so finding enough sun without grow light would be impossible in our yard. Up until this year we used ours mostly to grow seedlings and get a jump on spring planting. I sell plants at the farmers market so I will be planting seeds real soon to grow in the greenhouse during the winter. Tree don't have any leaves so we get lots of sun during winter months. Often opening all windows because it can get 100 or more if sun is out and temps are nice in winter during the days.

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It depends. What do you want to do with your greenhouse? What climate zone do you like in? If you want to shelter tropicals through the winter you should be okay if the trees are bare in winter. If you are near the equator shade can be good. Growing tomatoes in shade won't work very well.

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I would think it would depend what you are going to grow and when. My greenhouse is pretty shaded in the summer , which keeps it from overheating and the trees drop there’s leaves in the fall, when I need the sun. I did not have a lot of options where to put it.

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We had limited spot by house and septic mound. So I went out and laid down scrap boards and marked what time shadow from house and garage hit area to help decide. We have long sides north and south with door end to west and close to house. That way easy to run water lines, electric and heat to it. Mine is 7x9.
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