I'm in Florida and I've been hunting for a reasonably priced green house

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That can stand the storms we get here. Any ideas. There are so many I like then find out it's all plastic frame. Med sized and not over $200. Are there Florida people on here that have great ideas for a green house? I'm not looking to heavily construct.

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The houses don’t always withstand the storms so good luck!

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Concrete block foundation. Foam board insulation . Free pallet board floor. Pallet board for walls. Lumber for cross braces. Buy polycarbonate roof . Stack hay bales halfway up around exterior for insulation.

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I will 3rd Elliot from above that you will not find the greenhouse your wanting for a $200 price.

You can get free used windows, 2x4s and other parts but greenhoused at $200 are the pop up tent style and not polycarbonate panel style.

For example, in my area Mernards sells 4'x8' triple wall polycarbonate panels for $45 each. Wood is astronomically priced as well.

For $200 I would suggest a DIY greenhouse.

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You have conflicting requirements. In the world of greenhouses, strength is achieved through quality heavy duty steel, which comes at a higher price. You won’t find anything in the $200 range that is pre-fab or kit that will stand up to large storms/hurricanes. You’re asking for a $200 Lamborghini and it just doesn’t exist. Imagine you are the manufacturer of this super strong structure that has high quality materials. You’re not going to make your money back at $200 per unit.

Your minimum is going to be in the $2000 range.

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Cattle panel house is easy and fairly cheap.
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