Best investment I've made for my greenhouse has been the pellet stove I recently added

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I have to say hands down the best investment I've made for my greenhouse has been the pellet stove I recently added. After my first year of outrageous power bills with my 2 220 electric heaters this pellet stove so far has been way more economical. Best part is the one I got from tractor supply automatically turns on and off and so far doesn't use much pellets per day to keep the greenhouse from dropping below 50f here in pnw zone 8. Can't recommend it enough after 900 dollar monthly power bills last winter.

Thanks to whoever it was last year that recommended going this route.

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Is there a *minimum* square footage for a GH to use a pellet stove? I’m in 8a/b… so our winters are milder, but we do have some cold spells (Feb 2021 comes to mind). The GH I’m planning would be about 8x16. Is that too small for a pellet stove’s purpose? Thanks in advance!

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Mine was about $900. Great investment too. My shed is 12x16 and the attached greenhouse is 12x14 it heats both.

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I to heat with a pellet stove. My husband made my greenhouse attached to my she shed aka craft place. So I'm very happy with both.

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I’ve been using this same setup and that exact same stove for the last 10 years or so. I’m in zone 5, and mine costs me around $300 to $400 a year to heat for the winter.
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