I'm looking for ideas to help keep the greenhouse warm

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Hi, everyone. New member from Ontario Canada, zone 4b. I'm looking for ideas to help keep the greenhouse warm. I have an electric heater, but would like to reduce my reliance on it if possible.

Also, any ideas for thermostats? I probably will need the heater very little on sunny days, but nights and January cold, I'd like it to start up automatically.

My budget is practically zero, so creative ideas would be lovely.
Thank you for any suggestions.

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Use hay bales to create a barrier around the exterior. Heavy duty insulated clear plastic for top anchor under bales.

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I would honestly install a wood stove if you have access to firewood.

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Rocket stoves are cool should look into them, it is a process or procedure.

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We have propane and it works well. I do not have the humidity problem people say you do woth propane.

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An electric Heat Pump is much much more efficient than the electric heaters with heating elements.

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I grow winter vegetables and no heat 5b however it got super cold last week and not sure what made it.

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You will need to heat nights and cloudy days. I use a 240v electric heater.
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