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Thank you for inviting me into the FORUM [decembearduk.org]. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and hopefully one or two people will be interested in being like mentors or people to connect with and help guide me on this journey. Over the years I’ve written 50 articles as a freelance writer for a website which I have all rights to. So I’ve downloaded those.

I have put together one completed short story book which is going to be a series of seven emotional support animal books. I’ve written one children’s story. I have about 40 more children story titles on my list. I also have started one murder mystery novel that 17 chapters have been written but not edited and the next 17 chapters have been given teasers to help me remember what to write the chapter about. I have not touched that book in four years. I have four more novels that I’ve started but not finished or touched. I struggle with what to do first. Do I write them do I make audiobooks of them.

Basically I’m stuck.

Any guidance would be helpful.

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