I’m not a great gardener, I’m a lucky one though! What do you think about the water and power?

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I want a greenhouse. It may be silly, but I really think it can be a place of peace and tranquility for me, plus my plants can can be protected from my wild beast dogs and cold CA weather :lol:

Anyway I’m probably not getting one, because even if i go an inexpensive route (less than 3k), I feel I need water & electricity to it.

My husband says I don’t need it. I just don’t want to do one unless I do it right, and if I love ut someday I may want a nicer more expensive greenhouse, having the essentials already there would be nice.

I’m not a great gardener, I’m a lucky one though! What do you think about the water and power?

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Water and electricity are absolutely essential, I think. We’re in zone 5a and our greenhouse, built in 1977, is glass. Nothing like sitting in it in the middle of winter, when it is a sunny, 20* outside afternoon. We don’t heat it in the winter, but it gets nice and toasty anyway and smells like spring!

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It sounds similar to debate I am having with myself to justify a small greenhouse. I need one that will withstand strong winds off the lake - amazing view but wind can be brutal in a storm. But need to protect plants from deer, rabbits.


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My husband built my 9 x 21 Climapod. He prepared the site, dug the drains and screed the concrete floor when it was poured. He ran water and 2 standard electrical lines from the house to the greenhouse. I initially was looking at a smaller greenhouse to save $$ but hubby said he’s only building one once so get the largest one we could afford. He was right. It’s FULL.


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Run a piece of conduit from inside to out, cap the ends (above the surface inside, and buried outside). Mark at the surface where the buried end is. This will make it easy to add electric later without trying to get under the walls. You will have the option to add it later without increasing the cost of installation for retrofitting.

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I have a 8x14 no water or heat just a garden hose and black barrels I love mine. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun and I add stuff every year. But my husband supported as soon as my house plants hit over 50 we needed the space.

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Just get one you won’t regret it! I love mine! Started with a 6x8 then realized I needed something bigger and went to a 30x75
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