Anybody travelled through Panama to Colombia and have any advise on this?

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Hi generally speaking would you say Panama is worth it? I am travelling down from Mexico and Costa Rica next September and was just adding in Panama to save a flight from Costa Rica to Colombia. Bit of a land adventure etc.

Anybody travelled through Panama to Colombia and have any advise on this?

We have no real time constraint but looking to obviously utilise time elsewhere if better?

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You can go from Panama to the San Blas islands to Colombia. It is amazing! I went with san blas adventures and I can really recommend it!!

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I would not advise to cross inland from Panama to Columbia, you will go through a dangerous region, I don't even think it is possible. However, Panama is totally worth a stop. You can take a bus from CR to Panama (the crossing system is pretty simple and fast). From there you can make your way to bocas del toro or/then the Anton Valley is worth and Panama city. The bus system is pretty great and not expensive (if you take the small white vans). Panama is underated, but I went there for hiking and birding so my experience might be different from regular backpacking. There is a pretty neat hostel in the rain forest between David and Bocas called The Lost and Found when you have a view on the Baru volcano (also highest volcano in the region, possible to do a group hike to see the sunrise).

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Panama is nice, Pcity, boquete, bocas and the San Blas islands. But you'll gave to fly anyways or take a boat as you can't cross overland to Colombia

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I'm gonna travel from Panama by Colombia on a boat. It's very expensive though.

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You can’t really cross to Colombia from Panama by land, flying is cheaper/faster and most importantly safer. There is no road between the two, you can do it by boat maybe but not sure it’s very safe…
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