I will be going into Chile through the Atacama desert next week

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Hi all, I will be going into Chile through the Atacama desert next week, and just wanted some advice on traveling Chile.

I will head out to the coast, but can't figure out if there are places worth visiting north of Tocopilla, or if it's best to just start working my way south?

I'm not particularly on a any time frame, so looking for as many recommendations as possible.

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Hey dude I just did it! I went from oruro to iqueque and fair warning the border crossing fucking sucks!! You have to be on a bus with a printed list if not you don’t get though. Iquique is 100% worth visiting if you want to surf or hit the beach

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Make sure if you are going to Atacama that you don’t go on the full moon or you’ll be like when we went and struggle to see much.

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Arica is nice for surfing and has the famous chinchorro mummies. NP Lauca for some amazig scenery. near Iquique you can go to Humberstone, ghost town and abandon salt peter works now open air museum, is really cool.

I think those are the "main" attractions in the extreme north.
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