Where would you advise me to go in January February to avoid the rain?!

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Hi! Where would you advise me to go in January February to avoid the rain?! No mexico or Columbia and a low budget country for backpacker.


Post by Isabelle »

The Philippines! Flights would be your most pricey part, it’s very cheap to travel. January won’t be too hot but still warm and it’s the height of dry season so it (should) be minimal rain. There’s also some very beautiful spots there I’ve been wanting to visit!

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Guatemala's rainy season is over by then. Albeit Central America, lots to see and do out near Lake Atitlan and in the north of country.

Post by Taru »

Is high season and summer in Argentina, and using the blue dollar rate is cheap now.

Post by Alex »

I’m not sure about the weather but Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina are all good budget countries in Central/South America.

Belize, Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay are not so budget-friendly

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Guyana is very low cost to eat an maintain yourself. Accommodation can be low cost as well. There's a lot to do and see there especially if you like culture.

Transportation can be very expensive at times. But if you decide to go let me know and we can get that cost down.
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