Anyone used their dual citizenship to enter a country which restricts your other passport?

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I want to enter Chile on my UK passport; but have not been using it otherwise. I have been using my Australian passport (but Chile restricts us to a tourist visa).

Will i get in trouble trying to enter Chile doing this?

Post by Malcus »

I confirm, no trouble at all.

Post by Sherri »

Definitely don’t worry about a visa and enter on your UK. We’re Aussie and my boyfriend just used his UK passport about 5 times coming in and out of Chile during a road trip. The visa sucks!

Post by Charlotte »

I’m flying from Sydney to Santiago and planning to do the same. I assume I’ll have to leave on my Aus passport and enter Chile with my UK passport.

Has anyone successfully done this/anyone know about entering from air?

Post by Terrance »

I do it all the time. When going by land country by country I try to switch a country ahead of time as I have been asked for my exit stamp from the previous country before and wouldn't want to show the other passport. But this only happened once, when entering Colombia, which didn't matter.

Post by Rebecca »

I did exactly that, used my Australian passport for whole trip but entered Chile on my UK passport then switched back to Australian after I left.

Post by Clare »

I know a lot of people who do that, especially around south america so they dont have to pay large fees to enter other countries. Are you flying in or going via land as they may want to see your exit visa if going via land.
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