I’m travelling South America with a couple of friends from February until hopefully May starting in Bogota

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(money dependant!)
We are slightly adventurous but not crazy adventurous and have almost finished travelling South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia).

Does anyone have any ideas what sort of budget we will need to travel South America for around 4 months and how it compares to the prices on South East Asia?


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Hi. I traveled in South Asia and South America both. South Asia is way cheaper. I traveled most of South and Central America in one year. It’s depend on what you like to do. For example, if u want to travel Galapagos,Easter island or Patagonia you have to add an extra budget.

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go to sierra nevada del coccuy ... out of the crouwd. big climb up, you wont regret.

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I've been to South East Asia already. Planning to do an 8 month backpacking trip across Central and South America. Currently researching and budgeting for the same. What I've learnt is, in SEA you can get by in $20 per day. In South America, we should budget for around $35-$40 per day (really depends on the country, as few countries are cheaper than others). So what this means is, with Survival budget in South America we can have lot more fun in SEA (that is, we can survive in $20 and use the remaining $15-$20 for parties, tours etc.). But SA continent is varied with amazing landscapes and is must visit in my honest opinion, as we still get good value for money when compared to US/Canada or Western Europe.

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Hi! I’ve also traveled both, and I would see u need at least 1000 USD for one month in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Central America. Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia are not so expensive but they have some really nice tours that are very expensive like Machu Picchu. I would say 1k a month and you’ll love a good life.

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I am now in Ecuador after Colombia for a month and finding it a lottt more expensive so if you are on a tight budget you could possibly skip Ecuador.

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We been traveling in Central and South America in the past 20 months. I love it, although I really miss Asia. Prices are not to compare sadly. America will be more expensive..

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In Peru now with plans to go to Ecuador and Colombia. I planned for £50/day food, accommodation, transport and activities, after a month of budget tracking I found I was averaging £35ish. Mostly dorm rooms, not always the cheapest, and eating out almost every meal during that time. Did do some tours etc that increases the average daily cost but its doable. £1000-1500 per month seems a good budget to expect for each country.

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Hola from Indonesia where I’m currently staying in a really nice dorm room that’s a whopping $4 a night. Can you find $4 a night dorm rooms in some places in South America? Yes. But they aren’t going to be anywhere near as nice as the $4 rooms in Indonesia.

Food will cost you more. Transport will cost you more (especially in places like Chile and Argentina). There are lots of ways to save money (hitchhike, Couchsurfing, staying in super cheap hostels, cooking meals, figuring out ways to do things like visiting Machu Picchu on your own vs paying for a tour). Whereas it might be easy to get away for $25USD a day in Asia in SA it’s doable but not as pleasant.

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Colombia is a cheap country. Look for the 'Comida Coriente' at restaurants at lunch timish. $2-3 & very filling. Dinner for me was normally shish kebabs from a food cart in the plaza or one of the side streets $2-4 depending on how hungry you are. Single rooms varied from $7 a night out in the boonies, to $20 or so in Cartagena & Medelin. Of course if there are several of you sharing, it would be appreciably cheaper. Great country & people.

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Hey Tom - in my experience of doing both, South America is a tougher, gruelling and more expensive place to travel in comparison to Southeast Asia.

The continent is bigger, the journeys are longer, and the feeling isn’t as welcoming (although not negative) unlike in Southeast Asia where the hospitality is some of the best in the world.

Costs wise, depending how you do it. South America can be done on a budget from £800 a month but honestly I’d say go for £1200+. South America excursions are more costly, and there are more world class places to visit (Galapagos, Machu Picchu etc)

This group actually isn’t for only backpackers, it’s for all type of travellers - see the about description - so it really depends how you go about it.
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