I’m planning to travel Ecuador in March for about two weeks

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I’d like to do some hiking, maybe spend some days at the beach. I just checked the weather and it looks like the rainy season is starting in March.

Does anyone have expereince with the weather and can tell me if hiking is possible?

Thanks in advance

Post by Allan »

I hiked Rucu Pichincha, Fuya fuya, Guagua Pichincha, and Cuicocha in March. No problem. You never know when rain will come, the rule in Ecuador is to leave the house prepared for all four seasons in one day. Always, always, have rain gear.

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The weather is super unpredictable, you can yet hike with some extra level of difficulty in some cases, but manageable 🙂 just bring your raincoat and some good hiking shoes, you might need to get some rubber boats for certain hikes if it gets too rainy. But enjoyable regardless, the rains never last too long.

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My experience with rainy season in central/south america is mostly rain every day but only for like 1-3h usually in the afternoon (heavy pouring). You might get more rain if you are going in the mountains and less rain elswhere. If it is the beginning of the rainy season then you might not even get that much rain and the trails might not be too muddy yet. Just look at the weather each day and bring rain gears. Definitely worth traveling during rainy season (less expensive, less people, colder at night)

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Wow. If you're able to predict the weather now for March you should go and play lottery. This is amazing.

This year beginning of march in Montañita there wasn't rain at all the days we spend there. And yes you can go hiking, and if its raining take a rain coat 🧥 and you're good to go.
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