I’m planning a trip to Edinburgh and London for next July

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Hi folks, I’m planning a trip to Edinburgh and London for next July.  Spending 4-5 days in each location. I plan on taking the train from Edinburgh to London.  A few questions:
  • Do I need a car or is public transit sufficient to get around?
  • I am loyal to Hilton brand hotels as I have a Amex Hilton card and am a diamond member.  Any Hilton recommendations for either city?
  • The Doubletree at EDI airport is the most reasonably priced.  Can I get to the sights from there or would I be better off in the city center?
  • Would love any recommendations on tours, restaurants, etc. for both locations
As an FYI, the timing and choice of locations are based on a couple of concerts we will be going to, so location and timing aren’t flexible.


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No car needed. Cabs are plentiful (stick with licensed cabs in both cities). Public transportation in London is easy.

Stay in city center in Edinburgh.

Look into a day trip into the countryside in both cities.

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You won’t need a car. A car would be a huge pain. As for Edi airport accommodation, I’d give it a miss and aim for city center or near your venue.

I don’t have recs on tours in either city as I usually just explore on my own.

What group(s) are you seeing? Enjoy!!!
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