My fiancé and I are planning to book our honeymoon in Hawaii!

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So far we are thinking early/mid September 2023 for about 7-9 days just the two of us and we chose that date range because we read online it's usually cheaper with kids going back to school. Open to 1-2 islands, I want to have easy beach access, authentic food or at least some good seafood, do some hiking, and even scuba diving/snorkeling (I am scuba certified amateur, he is not which also plays into if we even can do a scuba crash course).

We have been thinking it would be cool to do an all-inclusive type trip for peace of mind but I'm really a bit lost and don't know if we might be better off just booking an air bnb or hotel and researching on our own.

Budget is looking to be around $5000-$6000 but we haven't settled on that entirely.

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Maui and Kauai for sure. There is no all inclusive in Hawaii.

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Number 1 - Fly Southwest so you can fly home during the day. Most flights back to mainland from Hi are overnight, horrendous.

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I just spent 3 weeks on Oahu - beautiful everything. You'll need to up your budget though. Everything is expensive.

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I've been 3 times in the last 18 months and every time, the locals were kind and welcoming. Much of the local economy depends on tourism, so they were thrilled that we were there. I've been to the big island, Kauai, and Maui and you really can't go wrong. We never stayed at an all inclusive, but the breakfasts at some hotels are so expansive, that it would carry us until dinner, so we only had to pay for one meal a day. The Big Island has a lot of variety - great beaches, volcanoes, rain forest, hikes, etc.

Kaui is a lot smaller but stunningly beautiful, and Maui was lovely. Maybe finding the hotel that works for you will lead your decision. Airbnbs often come with beach chairs so you can hop around different beaches... whereas resorts often have their own pool/beach you can hang at, but if you want to go around to other beaches on the island, you'll just have to take towels to lay on. Either way! Hawaii is wonderful and I hope you have a great time.

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Hawaii doesn't really have all inclusives. You might want to check the Caribbean or Mexico. If you have points, Hyatt is a fabulous travel partner.

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We went in September to Oahu and had no issues with the heat/humidity so definitely don't let that impact your decision. I would not do an all inclusive, it's easy to plan your own trip. Oahu was great for hiking and snorkeling, and we stayed in hotel in Waikiki the whole trip. I would say to do Oahu for a couple of days and Maui for the rest, hiking and the road to Hana.

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I would concur with the above. We lived in Maui for a long time until recently and the frustrations with tourism continue. If you're determined to go to Hawaii, though, we loved Maui for all the amenities of Oahu without the crowds and traffic. We ate some of the best food of our life while living there and Hana is a must see. We are divers and one of the dive shops there, Maui Dreams Dive Shop, does a beginner scuba dive for those who have never dove before. 🙂 Good luck choosing!

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I don't want to rain on a parade, but native Hawaiians have been asking tourists not to come because of the water crisis there. I wonder if there's another similarly beautiful island location that's in a better spot to sustainably support tourists right now.
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