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My emotions have mastered the art of drifting
While my inner gravity was shifting
My emotional state is in disarray
While my heart spawned wings to fly away
I’ve lost myself in you again
My heart can’t seem to master past pain
Now every piece of me is drenched with stain
Shielding my worth was all in vain
Yet again my inner demons are in turmoil
While every piece of me lays broken in soil
I’ve been drowning in this chaos for so long
That my heart has forgotten how to be strong
I’m tired of swimming in this current of destruction
Drowning in your manipulation of seduction
I’m just a figment of my own imagination
While being swept away in this current of your hallucination
The reflection in the mirror is not me
This illusion is blinding my eyes so that I can’t see
I have to clip the wings of my wandering heart
Reconstruct myself and all my pieces and restart
© Suzy S

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Good poem. Sounds as you have suffered much.

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