If you're trying to o recover from the recent helpful content update, it's possible for sure

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but once you're in the Google dog house with this one (hit by the update), don't expect to get out quickly even after fixing your site (yes, your site as a whole). When you're in the Google dog house, you are in it until Google is convinced your content is truly helpful.

You can make all the changes you want and all the changes could satisfy the new update but if you don't wait it out long enough and you start making more changes because Google crawled your site but rankings didn't improve you could end up running in circles.

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I have spammy backlinks from betting sites and such. I don't bother to disavow them because Google can recognize spammy unsolicited crappy links.

My website was pushed up during helpful content update.

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My content was good, and everything else is OK too, like core web vitals etc. the only thing I see fishy are some auto-generated backlinks, and I've not disavowed them in the past 2-3 months, and there are a lot of them.... are they a reason behind this penalty or there could be something else... all those backlinks are do-follow.

Md Shamim

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Could you please tell us in details? How can we check it?
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