I am interested to hear your thoughts on why else would someone not want to outsource their service with

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Hey.. So, over the weekend I was thinking about something and I wanted to share it with you and hear your thoughts.

I've been getting (as I'm sure many of you) a lot of "I'll do services for you" outsourcing emails and it got me thinking, why would someone not want to outsource their service if someone wants to do it for lower cost for you and you just the "middle man" transferring information and saying "Here, do it for cheaper cost and I will collect the rest of the money"

The ONLY reason I can think of is you want to have everything under your control and you want to have vision of what is going on. However, even that is resolved by having someone proof-read any report that outsourcing agency does and you are done.

I am interested to hear your thoughts on why else would someone not want to outsource their service with, say, 70-30 ratio (70 % for the publicity and the fact that client contacted you vs them and outsourcing agency getting 30 % for the work).

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Oh boy this is a great question! Story time boys, gather around grandma’s chair and listen up! A long time ago there was an ambitious single mom that heard of Google and wanted to get her small business on it to show up for potential clients. So she built a Weebly website and read all the blogs available on the subject.

She started taking action and BOOM! In a short amount of time she was able to get an office, leave her abusive husband (while living in a shelter) and prosper. Her office got so busy she thought “I wonder if I should hire an expert on that thing called SEO, I am sure he will know more than me”.

And there she went to a website and hired a “professional” she explained to him that she was in a very delicate industry, that all SEO had to be white hat and not get her in trouble with the industry. A few months pass, everything ok until she gets a “knock knock knock” on the door. It was a nice sheriff getting her served with papers. You see, the nice young “professional” was submitting SPAM comments on attorneys websites using every single word that she was not allowed to use. The lady was investigated and asked to never advertise her services again.

She was so demoralized she sold that business and moved 5 hours away. She got a 9-5 job and started learning for herself the right way to do SEO and was able to restart a new company in the new city and never again trusted in another SEO “expert” but actually now helps other small businesses with their internet marketing needs.

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Quality and confidentiality are my only concerns.

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My concern is the quality of the work. If they drop the ball the client is going to be angry with me.

Making sure the work is done well isn't as simple as reading a report unless I'm misunderstanding you.

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I think because of the confidentiality and fear of quality of the work.
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