Are there any tips you have for writers without access to that kind of money?

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Hi! I’m new to this forum as well as new to writing. I absolutely love reading books and decided recently I wanted to try writing one of my own.

I am in no way thinking that my book could even be good enough to be published but even if I wanted to try I do not have the kind of money you need for editors.

Are there any tips you have for writers without access to that kind of money? Maybe any editing tips you can give or suggest?

Thank you so much in advance!

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I started writing my book in May this year. I’m half way through almost. I would say write your passion and what you love. Write because you enjoy it. Develop your idea, the start, middle and end. Plan how you’re going to get there. Develop your characters and your world / setting. Learn to love your characters as they begin to take on a life if their own in your very capable and nurturing hands.

And nurture yourself as you write, honour your time for writing and prioritise it.

Know you have a community here to ask questions or seek support, and above all enjoy your journey if writing.

Don’t worry about publishing etc until half way through and then you can start thinking about if you wish to publish it not.


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Read when you are not writing and write when you are not reading and you’ll learn the language without needing to spend thousands on someone to translate it for you.

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First write the book. It’ll probably be better than you think it will. He’ll, it may even write itself. And follow other new writers’ posts. You’re not alone.

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Apps like gamnarly are helpful they will in no way replace an editor but they have their uses.

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Baby steps Megan, i started writing my book in order to see it on my own shelf and just say that i wrote this. Don’t think about whether it’s good enough to be published or not just write it for you, something you would read and say wow what a beautiful book.

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Go back to English class, (no rudeness here.) That will save you. Find a program that allows suggestions as you write. Leave the red lines if you have spell-check; you can always edit later.

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Welcome to the group Megan! Write what you love to read, and believe in the impossible.
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