What inspired you as a writer?

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I want to hear you..

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I had read so many books that I didn't like the ending, just kept saying the ending could have been better. So I got to the point I started writing. Eventually finding relief, the ability to relax and get to release stress in the Climax and rising points of my stories. I lived in my books, falling in love with some of my handsome and gentlemen like characters. It was what saved my life sometimes.

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The horrible bullying I suffered in grade school along with the accompanying loneliness. Kids even mocked me at my mother’s funeral when I was 10. My father was an alcoholic and never around and I had no siblings and no friends. The teachers didn’t like me either, and no adults stepped forward to help. I escaped by writing. I guess this isn’t quite the inspiration that you asked for but it’s my answer. It wasn’t inspiration; it was just that I had no other choice.

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My ever moving imagination. I needed to get my ideas out of my head.

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My love of reading and making up stories to help myself fall asleep.

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Reading too many rotten books. Flat, bland, and poorly written. I complained and my husband challenged me to do better.

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Always had a thing about making up stories, most times as entertainment for myself when bored at school or at mom's job where I spent a lot of my childhood.

I guess just felt natural to put them down on paper.
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