Can any of you recommend an alternative to Twitter?

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I'm looking specifically for something I can use for posting links to blog posts and such--free marketing, basically. It has to be something that works on a laptop--I don't have a smartphone.

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Let's see: Tumblr and Facbook are pretty well-known ones which writers use to share links or entire blogs. If you do a Facebook page you can have friends share stuff for you and take advantage of self-promotion days in groups or ask admins for permission.

You could also try Imgur or Reddit, stuff gets shared willy-nilly there and I have stumbled across authors and writers on Imgur. It is a ranked system, so if you get something viral out people will upvote it like crazy.

Mastadon is not like Twitter at the moment, it is fragmented into different servers, last time I was on it was overwhelmed because it is decentralized and had few employees so it was a mess.

But another free option is to learn SEO and make your blog turn up on search engines easier. It takes a while, but SEO is a free way to do it.

Discord could also work, depending. You can start your own server, but promotion would be easier if you join a writing server or a server on the topic you write about. It is better suited to other purposes, but that could change.

Pinterest and Instagram could work depending on your blog content and how much work you can put into visuals. They both come up as recommended options by a copywriter/blog writers and they discuss both in my digital marketing class.

YouTube and TikTok are video formats, but webcam videos are used often. Video formats take a fair amount of work but seem to go over well.

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While I don't have an account on Twitter or Mastodon, Mastodon is considered to be, at this point in time, the Twitter alternative. Otherwise, TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat are the next options, though I don't know if they will be great for what you want unless you are one for creating other content to help promote your links.

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Supposedly there is a fairly large book community on TikTok.
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