Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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Maybe someone here will be able to help!

A while back I was researching for a project and came across an interesting fact, something about the symbol of crossing your fingers meaning good luck (as we all know) - but also, somehow, bad luck.

I have since been unable to find whatever source I stumbled upon back then, and it is driving me mad.

Do any of you know of "fingers crossed" being a sign of misfortune / ill omen / anything of the sort, and not one of good luck?

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In Sweden, crossing your fingers behind your back means your lying about what you're saying, so in that way it's considered bad.
SE Davies

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Different cultures have different views on crossed fingers.

The good luck view is a northern European pagan belief that had something to do with the spirits it was later adopted by Christianity as an ode to God and continued the idea of luck.

In Britain one crossed finger was an insult to authority figures and a bad omen but 2 crossed fingers was to cancel out the omen and give good luck, Australia and New Zealand have the same view I believe.

There are probably many other beliefs based on crossed fingers.

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If you can't find and verify it then it might not actually be a fact .
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