How long should they wait to self publish on Amazon?

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Hi guys, quick question. Let's say someone cancels a publishing contract with a small publisher. The publisher has taken down their book from all their platforms and on Amazon too.

How long should they wait to self publish on Amazon?

Please note that they hold all copyright and ownership of the book.

Please and thank you.

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If you mean that the publisher cancelled the contract and they gave you back all the rights, then there's no reason I can think of to wait to self-publish it. I'm getting ready to do this myself. I have the letter giving me back the rights and the publisher is going to pull the plug at Amazon at the end of December. I'm hoping to be ready with a new reissue, new cover, and new ISBNs in early January.

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You will need written proof of ownership from the previous publisher.

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You cannot uniltaterally pull out of a contract unless there is a clause in the contract allowing, it the other parties agree, or there's some other good reason like fraud, etc. If you signed away the rights, on what basis do you think you can get them back?
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