It’s getting really cold , my kitchen thermometer says 14.7 degrees

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We have the heating set at 16 the main heating thermostat is in the sitting room.

We have a fire every night so that room stays warm and the heating comes on for about 2 hrs a day. I swear our bedroom never gets to 16.

I purchased a long hot water bottle and a pair of fleecy pjs to cope with the cold.

It’s funny thou we will put the heating up to 18 on Christmas Day when all the family come but have it at 16 as it is just the two of us.

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It won’t get to 16 if your thermostat is in the room with the fire.

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It's only going to ge 16 where the thermostat is. I would still feel cold at that temperature. If you need to have the fire on as well you might need to put it to 18-20 more. Then you probably won't need the fire on as well.

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You need to put your heating on at 18 or ideally about 20,21. if you’re only putting it on 2 hours a day at least get the house warm. 16 is still too cold to make a big difference. Your body has to work harder once it’s below 18. Having it on at 18-20 2 hours a day won’t be much more expensive than having it at 16 and at lease then you will feel the difference. Otherwise just use your fire in the main room and keep your central heating off. Buy a higher tog duvet for your bedroom.

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I have found keeping our heating set to on all the time with the thermostat at 20 means its trickling on or off all the time; just warm enough and not causing condensation or damp without costing a lot x

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I think there's going to be some very poorly people this winter, and probably deaths too. It was one thing back in my day, we were used to it with no central heating and just a coal fire in one room. But people aren't used to it now and sadly I think sitting in cold rooms will seriously effect their health for that reason.

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The advice is to ensure property ok - hested through sufficiently to avoid issues occurring - damp, mould etc (assuming the property is sound)- then rooms need to be heated to a minimum of 18°.

Certain things may affect this - like if the thermostat is in a room with another heat source such as this scenario- so that room is toasty - the thermostat is reading that room and therefore switches off - the rest of the property isn't hitting the 18° min and this may lead to issues.

My problem is - downstairs is open plan - to get it warm to 18° needs my heating set to to 20° - and it's firing up a lot just to hit 18°. But it is what it is - I'm not in a position to take risks as I'm disabled with chronic health issues.
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