I’m fed up of my cutlery getting ruined in the dishwasher

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(I know don’t put it in there then)
Can any of you please recommend a decent set, where you’ve not had a problem with them going in the dishwasher please.

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I no longer use a dishwasher but when I did all sorts of rusty marks appeared on some items. I eventually discovered that it was the mix of different metal types which caused it but I was never going to be in a position to have everything the same composition so I just had to put up with it. That was 20 years ago so maybe dishwasher tablets have improved since then!

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Stick a couple balls of tin foil in the cutlery tray. Brings them up a treat.

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It depends firstly the Cutlery needs to say that it's suitable for the Dishwasher and not simply Dishwasher Safe, because when you read the small print they say "not recommended"... A weasel way of saying we didn't say you can't, but we are not saying you can...

Another issue is the Rinse Aid and Detergent used. The majority of tablets that aren't the really cheap solid white ones are pretty much the same, certainly in my Miele, so I get the same results with The Crystal ones from Poundland as I do Fairy Ultra Platinum what ever, but the Rinse Aid does make a difference, you are better off with Finish, Fairy or Crystal than the supermarket own ones. Again it doesn't matter if you use Fairy Tablets and Crystal Rinse Aid. Do check the Salt level in the machine is topped up, yes the tablets contain Salt but that is a general amount, your local water company gives you details of the Water Hardness in your area (yes I know people have soft water etc but do it anyway) and then check how to set the Machines Water Hardness level. It does make a difference! Even after all this some tablets will not play nice, so try another brand like Aldi or Lidl.

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I have never had a problem with my stainless steel ones..

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I dishwasher hadn’t been used for over 6 months. If it wasn’t for the gap it would leave it would be gone. Found it so much easier to handwash. The tank is already full of hot water so very little gets used. Wash n dry done in minutes and you can clean pans. Dried on stuff gets left to soak then wipes off. Found the dishwasher couldn’t clean a lot of stuff. The cutlery looks like new now we don’t use the dishwasher.

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Dishwashers ruin chefs knives too harsh for the blades blunts them, I would imagine it's the same for cutlery I would just hand wash them.
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