So, I turned my heater off in the living room at 4 P.M.

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. It was 21 degrees. It is 9.20pm now and 15 degrees. I am as warm as toast. Maybe a bit too warm. I am wearing two long sleeved thermal t-shirts. And a very thick fleece soft onesie. It's all about layering. I recommend it to anybody. It's 4C outside.

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Yesterday I loaded my log burner and started at 4pm put 2 logs on at 9 PM just got home from work now at 2PM I'm sitting in a tshirt and its lovely and warm .I will do the same today if only put my central heating on a handful of times si far this year I think people have just got used to central heating.

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I'm a knitter n doing blankets throws so lovely n warm 3 done on my 4th surprising how warm it can be..all for Christmas presents...I put heating on for an hour if I'm home after 1 to warm it up n an hour a bit later ..fluffy socks fluffy jumper ..cardigan if needed or I find things to do that keep me warm.

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It’s not safe for everyone to let their homes get below a certain temperature. I ended up seriously ill after extreme fuel poverty had my house temperature at 8C. Now I have multiple illnesses making me cold 24/7 and a weakened immune system but I can barely keep warm. I’m pre payment meters and it’s costing me double the money it did last year. The money from the government isn’t helping as they didn’t give a choice of whether it went to the gas or electric meter. I needed it on the gas much more than the electric. I normally got the warm homes discount but of course you can’t even apply this year. You just have to hope you’re deemed needy enough. But I bet you they’ll make that electric too .. :lol:

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We're like many in these comments, rationing our heating & basically wearing winter clothes indoors. What a despicable way to live in the modern age & in a country (we're UK) that is the in the top ten wealthiest in the world!

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Didn't have heating on until 3.30 today as been busy putting decorations up had two thick jumpers and thick jeans went off just before 7 and we both snuggled up under a blanket and hot water bottle each. now in bed having a read snuggled under our flannelette sheets duvet and big wool blanket back to when l was a kid over 70 years ago..always had thick Woolies and furry boots for winter nights.

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My home is freezing u have heating on for 1 hour 5 mi a later it’s freezing draughty is not the word we have now decided to move up stairs and spend our time in bed with blankets as soon as my son gets I. From school it’s straight in his bed that’s how bad it is..

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We layer up in the day, heating on first thing in the morning for my little one for half an hour then turn it off, turn it back on just before bed time for 10/15 mins then turn it off. I layer up as I have been on chemo etc so feel the cold sometimes.

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If I new a family who could not afford there heating I would let them have my place over Xmas I’m on fixed still and don’t stay at mine much sad that familys are cold really so.
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