As a lady.. be wise


As a lady.. be wise

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As a lady, try protecting ur fellow woman's marriage by turning down married men, even if that person is ur enemy; Also keep away from people's fiance. U are not obligated to do it but it's the least u can do to help make the world a better place. Same goes to the men, be wise.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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So the onus is thrust upon women turning down married men? How about MARRIED men controlling themselves and refrain from making advances to other women?

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Post by Yemi »

It is better to deal with your insecurities in the relationship than to isolate people from others.

No man/woman is an island.

We are all a piece of the puzzle in another person's life.

If relationship doesn't work out with one, it doesn't mean it won't work with another.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

Post by Rita »

Cheap emotional blackmail.., be accountable for your yeye decision to misbehave and stop asking single ladies out, simple!

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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I'm sincerely tired of man woman endless stories. Can we please refocus our focus? A shift away from my man, my marriage, my wife, my chic bla bla will automatically reduce issues from that angle.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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No matter how you preach it, it won’t stop. Na human being dey go market buy (awalawa) broken tomatoes when fresh ones dey. So if your husband is an olosho , definitely an olosho woman will welcome him.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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Single ladies learn to say No to married men so that someone will also say no to your husband when you get married if not the reverse shall be d case.thank you

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You as a man why can't you learn to say vows and mean it. Why should sanity in your marriage and keeping your home intact be dependent on "NO" from single girls you are toasting. Must you toast another woman? Your wife never do? Everybody should be responsible for themselves abeg.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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Instead of you to advise your gender, you are dictating to ladies how to live their lives.

Omo, as a woman, I owe no woman loyalty or faithfulness, it's her husband, fiance and bf that owe her that..

Men should stop chasing what's not chasing them.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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We actually have many who are saying no. Honestly, both men and women are trying this days. We still have good people, married and single.

We all can be that!... greed and lack of discipline is what we should desist from.

Re: As a lady.. be wise

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Very true! But most women just hate and envy themselves . What to do. Even men know this, thats y they misbehave .

Re: As a lady.. be wise

Post by Ibrahim »

Till world go end

Women will never be women's keeper

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