Currently Im selling the house

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Need advice as it could cost me a lot... Found conveyancing solicitor but was told I would work with chartered conveyancer so accepted it.

However conveyancing executive not always available on the phone ( only rang teice) and also not transparent so I have to ask to clarify and I just feel its not working.

So, rather then leaving that firm I'm thinking of asking for someone else in that company who could represent me so I wouldn't have to pay just yet only once house sale completed ( currently not employed due to health reasons so cant afford ot pay just yet).

Please advice

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Why are folk talking about search fees? Is that mentioned in the original post? I can't see it.

The conveyancer will oversee the work but generally your sale will be managed on day-to-day basis by a paralegal. Selling / buying a home is one of the most stressful times, and things aren't made easier by delays in completion which people are facing ... my daughter bought a house last year and it took about 8 months, these things shouldn't take more than 12 weeks for a straightforward sale without a chain but can take a lot less time. Stick with it and correspond via email so you have a record of your queries. Liaise with your selling agent as they can also give your solicitors a nudge.

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If you’re just selling, you won’t have to pay anything in the way of fees or search fees up front, though they may ask a nominal fee to open the file.

The fees are taken from the sale proceeds on the day of completion (moving day) and the balance transferred to your chosen account.

You’ll receive a Completion Statement between exchange of Contracts and completion, detailing fees, VAT, mortgage balance to be paid (if you have one) etc.

If there are any indemnity policies, for unanswerable planning queries, for example, because the Deeds/Council don’t or can’t provide the information will also be deducted from the sale proceeds.

Is your Conveyancer an online one? If so, they may have an online Portal, where you can log in and check progress that way.

Unfortunately, many online companies don’t like talking on the phone, which is why I ask if yours is.

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You need to raise your concerns with the person who is acting for you and if that doesn’t work and if things do not improve then contact the complaints partner as they have a duty to look into it in order a resolution can be reached I.e. passing your file onto someone else to deal.

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You won’t pay search fees if you are only selling btw. Not a lot of difference between a conveyancer and a chartered one. Both are only trained in conveyancing so you shouldn’t be paying more anyway.

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You should be able to ask for someone else in the firm to deal with it if they have anyone available. Put it in an email to them and see, otherwise if you move to another firm they will expect to be paid for what they have done.
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