Today I went to my local foodshare

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Anyone can go, it's to save food going to landfill. I can't usually go as I am usually at work.

I was given 2 baguettes, 2 tins of soup, 4 huge potatoes, 3 huge leeks, 8 carrots and a cabbage.

I could have had more. There was rice, pasta, cakes and lots more tinned goods, but I didn't need anything else.

If you have a foodshare nearby I recommend you go! I was very grateful for the goods I got, and to  the volunteers who run the foodshare.

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We have a community cupboard here, collectors go out in the morning to tesco express and co op the the cupboard is filled with fruit, veg and bread each day, this is all done free we use our own fuel and time, and people donate to help with running costs.

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I would of love to have gon they are too fair away and I'm not well have they even got one in Dartford.
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