Does anyone know if you can cook sausages, freeze them, and microwave to reheat?

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Like the walls precooked ones you can buy fresh or frozen. Thinking it would be a lot cheaper to make them myself.

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Any meat if it's brought fresh or frozen you can cook and freeze for upto 3 months , you can only reheat cooked meats once if you have temp probe make sure it's at least 75c and chicken is 100c

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I do this all the time and with bacon. No need to defrost just cover with cling and microwave. Important to cover or they will dry out in the microwave. ( don’t cover bacon so it crisps up).

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When I buy sausages I ALWAYS cook first then freeze. I then reheat in the microwave. I do it with beef burgers too. I don’t think there’s much that I don’t cook first then freeze. Never had any problems.

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We often cook more than we need, freeze and reheat. As long as they’re cooked thoroughly after defrosting they’ll be fine. Saves a lot of time and a lot of people batch bake.

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I have made my own pigs in blankets, put in disposable tin trays, covered in foil, and in the freezer. Also made sage & onion stuffing, and sausage meat balls. In freezer the same. Get them out, night before you need them, then straight in the oven, on day, to cook..cheeper than buying them ready done.

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If they are raw Fresh or Frozen then yes you can. Rule of thumb is Fresh Raw, Freeze, Defrost, Cook, Refreeze. De frost, heat up to piping hot and eat. Do Not Re freeze. Then you have Cooked, Freeze, Defrost, Re heat to piping hot. DO NOT Re Freeze.

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I do batch cook them and bacon then portion and freeze works for me x warm up in the sir fryer to crisp up.
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