Bleach is great for getting rid of small amounts of mould and stopping it returning to quickly

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The astonish mould & mildew blaster. from the pound shops. kills it good but it stinks strong for a while. this did better than the HG mould spray I bought. which was a lot more money. mould got into the skirting boards paint when I had a leak from above. the HG one didn't clear much of it. but the pound shop one killed it all the skirting was like new again like no mould was ever set into the paint. bleach is not a mould killer. you need a mould spray to kill it. but if you don't sort out. whatever is causing the mould. it will always be back no matter what you spray on it.

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Astonish mould and mildew spray is brilliant spray and leave mould goes it’s as easy as that.

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Bleach feeds the internal mold spores. Even though the surface may look bleached and clean, the remaining spores will root deeper, stronger and will often return worse than before. I Love HG mould remover, comes highly recommended.

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Bleach feeds mould and shouldn’t be used. You think it works because it bleaches it, but it’s still there. Mould spray is best for mould.

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White vinegar is the best and not too toxic..

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No it's not. Bleach is nearly all Water, you'll simply make it worse. The Mould Sprays in the supermarket are just a £1 and do the job properly.

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Bleach is meant to make it multiply , Clean with mould and mildew and paint pva glue over the patch stops it coming back through , that’s what I was told by a professional who came out to treat mine and told me to do thus as it’s the cheapest option.

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Astonish mould and mildew spray is really good but if it's not down to condensation you need to get it looked at to find the root cause.
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