Where can I fill hellium balloons as I bought from home bargin?

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Bought birthday balloons from home bargin last week ,went yesterday but said hellium is shortage at the min. Where can I fill hellium balloons as I bought from home bargin?

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People, it’s not like they are taking the helium from the party stores and giving it to the hospitals if people don’t use it. Someone getting it from a party store does not affect that…they will still have the helium there regardless if people get it or not. Only if they don’t have it at all is when it probably went to the hospitals. Let’s think about this logically.

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Boycott helium balloons. Helium is finite and is required for so much medical equipment. MRI machines need it.

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This is a trick I learnt when money was right. Blow them up as normal and then stick them to the roof with cellotape. Or stick them to the wall. It looks just as great and saves lots of money.

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They shouldn’t be selling them if they can’t get the helium and especially they know it’s short.

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We should rethink what we use, blowing up a balloon with something like helium is a waste of important resource.

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Helium is used for hospitals too, use blow up balloons (or no balloons) or other decorations and save the helium for its important life saving uses.

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There is a national shortage as a lot comes from Russia I work for a large card shop and we have trouble getting our canisters in - we do charge it’s £1.25 upwards depends on the balloon size and as someone else said hospital gets it first.

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Please make sure that your balloons aren't able to escape into the outside World where they can float away and eventually be eaten by animals on land and in the sea. They will most probably die as a result.

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Helium is in short supply and is needed for hospital use. Also, the balloons are made of plastic and not usually used over and over again. Please consider buying rubber balloons in future, and filling them with air.

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Helium is running out world wide.

Shouldn't be used for balloons and saved for hospital use only.
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