Can anyone tell me the best way to clean/help with smell 4 sports bottles please

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waiting for your suggestions..

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I soak in bleach and then give it a good wash in hot soapy water and a good rinsing, the next day....

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Use a bottle brush to clean with washing up liquid. Then fill with sterilising fluid mixture for a few hours. Try and dry then thoroughly before putting the lid back on.

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Also, when storing, make sure the lids aren't on, to allow air to get in, otherwise you always get that awful smell inside.

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Water is bacteria filled, even fresh water. So when you empty your bottles and flasks keep them upsidedown for a few hours so every single drop runs out as well as drying out, the lid too needs to be kept upsidedown to dry off for a few hours before storing with lid off. Be they plastic bottles or steel bottles, they need 100% drained dry and stored lids off. Anything that water sits in, your pet water bowls too, if you just top up the bowls daily with fresh water then big mistake. When you empty the bowl and slide your fingers along the bottom inside, there will be a slimy bacterial film.

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I use baby bottle steriliser liquid, Milton or store own brand is Brill. It would be a good idea to buy a baby bottle brush. Soak and use your normal washing up liquid and don't forget to clean the caps.
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