How do you ensure you consistently save up to your goals?

This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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Curious to know how you're doing it. Mine in the comments!

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I have the Plum app and do round ups and also a set aside which an algorithm works out how much to put aside each week without affecting my outgoings. I’ve saved more than I thought and haven’t missed the money. Very pleased.

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As soon as you get paid put the money you want to save into a saving account. And don't touch it. That money doesn't exist on a day to day basis. I literally forget that it's there. If you see it as and extra spending account that's exactly what it will be. I only ever take something out of it if I 100% have too e.g. cars broken and I don't have the money in my account. But that's exactly what saving is for.
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Next year I’m going to do the pound challenge, don’t know the proper name.

You save £1 on Monday, £2 Tuesday, £7 on Sunday. Then you repeat all year long. An easier way to do it is to just save £28 a week.

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I have a £2 jar I can't open and 20p i save each year take kids winter wonderland so don't come out of my pocket at Xmas wen your money needed.

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IV saw ppl starting to save a penny on the 1st Jan,2p 2 Jan,3p on the 3rd and so on... by Xmas around £600

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Automatic transfers into savings accounts - x amount toddles out of my current account and shuts itself away every month so I can't spend it.
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