Does anyone have a heated clothes airer and can tell me if it's expensive to run please?

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7p an hour mine has cover over it got it from Aldi £39.99

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You're much better off with a dehumidifier. The heated clothes airer will accelerate moisture getting into the air and increase the problems that brings. A dehumidifier will dry the washing without any of those problems and probably for about the same cost per load.

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I have a Lakeland and dry the clothes flat across the rails. Time consuming as turn clothes over but worth it. Put a sheet or towel over it that needs drying and keeps heat in. Also heats the room as others said.

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About 1/3 of a unit an hour for my lakeland one (300w ish can't remember the exact figure). Check you tariff for your unit price and divide by 3 for a rough idea.

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I did, but obviously it only heats the rails and not very warm - the laundry took forever to dry. So, I experimented and now on a normal rail I hang the clothes on hangers as if someone were wearing the clothes and they dry overnight for free!

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I've got a lakeland one. It costs 7p per hour. I cover it up so the heat stays in and it usually takes 4/5 hours to dry. Loads cheaper than my dryer.
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