What's the secret to a happy marriage?

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Let us reason, discuss it calmly, give some advice; What's the secret to a happy marriage?

Post by Isioma »

No marriage is completely happy!

Every partner is enduring the other.

Post by Kalu »

Tolerance, forgiveness absence of pride, understanding, communication, respecting each other, and appreciate each other.

Post by Adaobi »

Stable good source of income :D money bring understanding, love, peace, etc,, without money in marriage omo forget.

Post by Rosemary »

Love ,money, communication, honesty, understanding.
above all, God should be the foundation of your marriage

Post by Onyeka »

Endurance, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, playing your marital roles perfectly, keeping your material issues secret. Avoiding sharing your material roles with people and knowing yourself as a person.

Post by Blessmac »

Study yourself, study your spouse,
know what makes him/her happy and sad.
Know approaches to settle arguments without it escalating .
Have a forgiving spirit.
Learn to be happy so that people around you will be happy.
What works for the other person might not work for you. So create ways to make your marriage work without stress. Knowing its for a life time.
I pray every married couple find happiness and love in their homes. Amen.

Post by Blessing »

It’s still a secret & will remain a secret but you can try by genuinely loving & respecting each other, it’ll help a lot but completely happy marriage is an illusion my dear & I’ve never married but all the married people I know are just managing & kept together by their love, values & good efforts towards the relationship

Post by Esther »

Money, more money, I say more money, I mean money...
Do not cry under my post... No matter how you love and understand your partner, if money no dey, comma must dey...
Money stops a lot of nonsense!

Post by Barileera »

Any man that is not ready to commit to his wife alone should not get married. If you have plenty female friends to take care of, please stay single and focus on them. If you like ditching what you can’t endure if given back to you, just keep on being a soldier and leave marriage.

As a woman, if your patience, forgiveness, self worth, sacrifice and above all submissiveness is shaky, work on yourself before you enter, else, you will be like a wrecked train. Have something that gives you your own money too.

Most importantly, women, please try and develop shock absorber and thick skin… eh get why

Post by Emeka »

Always be willing to forgive, make a room for tolerance, never you allow a third party to decide your marriage especially you as a man, respect is earned build it, listen to each others even when after quarrels don't let day break before settling your disputes if not it will escalate from their cos marriage is the number one enemies target. Goodluck!.

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