What tog duvet is warmest for winter?

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looking forward to what you have...

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I believe 16 is the highest tog rating you can buy in the UK.

I use a 10.5 tog all year and put a faux fur throw on top when it gets really cold in the winter. That way I don't have to worry about storing a warmer bulky duvet when it gets warmer again.

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We have a 4 season duvet, 2 that clip together and make a 15, then in spring summer and autumn you can have the one that suits you at the time.

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I bought a 15 tog from primark. It’s so warm I can’t get up for work :D

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I couldn’t cope in more than a 10 tog.

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Katarina Balderson
many years ago I was given a pair of duvets as a wedding present they fix together with press studs all along their edges- Meant you could use the whole as a 15 tog, or when it was warmer , use a single 10 or even 5 in summer. It was a long time ago but I use two when I need to.

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4 tog still on for me, and that's warm enough!! Menopause wish you would do one.

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I had a 15 but didn't love it, I find it better to have a lighter duvet and a throw at the bottom which can come up and down as needed.

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Definitely invest in teddy duvet set and teddy sheet.. it makes such a difference keeping you warm.

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Depends what you need ,I sleep with a 4 tog duvet all winter and am fine.

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I find using a 100% Cotton duvet cover on your duvet also keeps you warmer than a polycotton. We have a 7.5 tog feather duvet from George and when I wash my cover and use polycotton for a night while normal 1 drys I find it much colder 🥶 same as bed sheet. (Hope this helps anyone)

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I have a all seasons duvet, they have buttons so I can use 1 or both of them at the same time if it gets too cold. It's a duck feather one and it gives me a comfortable night's sleep too.
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