I have a spare room, only used when my Granddaughter comes to stay every other weekend

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It's bone dry and never has any condensation on the windows. I leave the door open during the day and close at night. There is heat when my Granddaughter is here.

Would I need to heat it when she is not here?

Don't want to waste electric but also don't want any problems.

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I wouldn't turn off heat in that room but turn radiator right down so a little heat is in there. We recently tried the turn radiators off in not used rooms and found the house was colder and took longer to heat up. Even with doors closed.

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I wouldn't bother - I don't have radiator on in spare room, there again I leave the door open all the time so rest of heat in house gets to it a bit.

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Where possible move things slightly away from the walls so that air goes all the way round and turn radiators down to lowest setting. That way it's still getting heated lightly but not excessively.

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My Son hated a warm bedroom. Never put the radiator on, always had the small window on the catch. Door closed. Haven’t had a problem with damp in over 12 years.

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When I was at uni, my mum turned the radiator off in my room and didn’t heat it for about a month. When I came home there were mushrooms growing through the carpet 🤣🤣🤣 we had to rip it up and get laminate 🤣 so I’d heat it occasionally

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Check behind furniture and keep an eye on any clothes/ soft furnishings etc but if no problem then no need to do anything differently.
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