What electric heaters are people using please?

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Tried and tested and that doesn't break the bank? Cant put the gas on for central heating its too much of a ££.

I'm a single mom of 3kids. Want a heater we can put on in a front room while kids play, do homework or watch telly.


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Gas unit price are cheaper than electricity units price. Gas Fire will work out cheaper if you got a working chimney.

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We have a electric fan heater it's very good small but powerful if you keep doors closed it gets really warm.

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I'm turning off all the radiators apart from the one in my living room in the day central heating wise.

It's working out at about 30p per hour, which is much cheaper than any electric heater.

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You can tell the running cost by checking the kwh of the appliance. If it's 2kwh it will use 2 units of electricity per hour on full blast (that bit is important because you can and probably would use on much less than full blast quite often). If you're unit price is 35p then it would be 70p an hour on full. If it was a 1kwh it would be 35p and so on (assuming your E costs 35p an hour but you should check your own tariff).

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Martin Lewis is saying this is good and cost effective.


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I bought a gas superser heater you put small gas bottle in the back. That way I can afford to use, and cosy put fire guard in front with kids. Bottle £43 and it lasts me roughly 5 weeks.

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Electric heating is much more expensive than gas.

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I only use my 3 oil filled radiators and leave on constant and find the cost very reasonable.
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