When doing a 30⁰ wash in the washing machine do your clothes come out warm or cool?

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Evening folks, weird question for you. When doing a 30⁰ wash in the washing machine do your clothes come out warm or cool?

Reason I'm asking is our boiler is on the blink and when I did a wash the other day the clothes were cool when I took them out, when before they would be hot and steamy even on a 30⁰ wash. So I'm wondering is my washing machine also knackered.

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30 degrees is a cold wash so I have a suspicion that your washer is hooked up to the hot water pipe instead of the cold and that is why they felt hot before.

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Most washing machines only have a cold inlet, boiler makes no difference to washing machine.

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Washing is rinsed in cold water 💦 so there must be a problem with your washing machine or the hose’s are around the wrong way if you have a hot and cold feed

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My washer uses cold water rinses so they always come out cool.

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Sounds to me that your washing machine has been attached to the wrong inlet. The only time my washing ever came out steaming is because the plumber put the cold tap indicator on the hot pipe, meaning we unknowingly plumbed the machine in wrong. Even when I do 60 degree washes it doesn’t come out hot (now it’s been plumbed correctly).

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Boiler has nothing to do with the washing machine. The washing machine heats the water.

My washing never comes out hot.
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