I’ve finally cancelled Sky and looking to buy a smart TV. Which ones do people recommend mid-range?

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I’m clueless so any advice greatly appreciated.

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Depending on your budget primarily and then work out from there the size and what your needs are - Full HD/4K/OLED/etc. There are some cheap 4K TVs out there so be very careful as not all are of the same quality.

Also, do you plan to wall mount or use it on its stand. If on its stand then you'll need an appropriate size TV stand to keep it on.

For a medium range TV, you'll have to settle for mid-range quality video and audio however a sound bar would go a long way.

You can then do a search on some popular online stores like Currys or Argos, etc. with your budget and size and specs you've considered important and shortlist 2 or 3 and eventually you'll find what's most suitable for you.

I definitely can recommend the firestick as it is versatile for its price point and the value is amazing if you download plenty of free and legal content providers. Also, you can stream all of your channel 4 & 5 content on demand through their individual apps.

There are other Android boxes you can get but they are quite expensive in some cases like the Nvidia Shield however, choose what's best for you.

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I found a Westinghouse 24 inch with built in DVD for $150. My previous smart TV was the same brand without the built in DVD. Found on amazon. Have had a firestick for years and I love it.

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The top runners are LG & Samsung.
We got a Samsung Oled and it’s quite fast.

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Hisense is really good, we have a couple and no issues. Good price and has all the smart apps.

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We have a Sony came with a five-year warranty included.

Had it about 4 years now and no problems with apps or anything else.

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If you are intent on buying a new TV , Hisense are good value and buy it from Richer Sounds you'll get a 6 Year warranty on their TVs, excellent company have shops too.

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Instead of a smart tv have you considered a Roku box? I’m sure I saw they had an offer on them on QVC earlier today.

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If your tv still works ok, you could just get a Firestick.
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