£70 was expensive for a plastic toy!

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Hi lovely people in my phone. I might have to explain why the only toy my girl wanted isn’t under Christmas tree.. I waited on offers and sales, when went on holiday and when came back this blinking Gabbys dollhouse is sold out anywhere! £70 was expensive for a plastic toy, no way I’m paying £200-300 now.

Don’t want to get anything else instead as I know she’ll love it and she already got some accessories for it for her birthday a month ago. Think it’s best to wait till it will be in stock , but I need a nice way and less way to explain it will come after Christmas please. Child is 5 yrs old.

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Smyths are expecting stock between 12-17 December, in my experience they start to come in a bit earlier than they have estimated so I’d check every day until then.

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I got what I could afford this year for my children and it wasn’t what either of them wanted. I told my children Santa got their letters late and he was sorry but he called me to tell me he was sending a special surprise for them instead at Xmas and it might not of been what they had in their letters but he knew they would still love it. They are both now excited for their surprise. I’m sure whatever you decide to do your child will still understand. Good luck.

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Does it *have* to be the exact one? Could you look for a doll's house on Marketplace and refurb it to look like Gabby's Dollhouse?

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I would tell her that so many little boys and girls wanted one that santa has to work past Christmas to get them delivered this year. When you get it wrap it up while she's asleep and leave it for her to find in the morning
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