Is it good to hide your feelings?

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Showing a woman too much love can make her take you for granted. Atimes hide your feelings, Just pretend.

Post by Faith »

If you hide your feelings for me,i will even do worst,because you can't expect me to carry you like a bag of rice while just take me like a pinch of salt.

Post by Godwin »

You are absolutely right dear. Ladies like pretenders more than those that are real.

Post by Mercy »

Pretend and let me pretend to let see who i go pain pass.

Post by Primus »

That doesn't work when u actually love someone. You can't actually quantify or measure love.
It just flows.

Post by Favour »

If you pretend you loose me.. and if I notice you love me truly and your words Aline’s with your actions I go dey lick ground way you walk upon that’s the extent I can go if we both love ourselves.. women are not that bad.
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