Does anyone here have kids who have Nintendo Switch with a VR headset?

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My daughter wants me to get this massively expensive new VR headset from another company for Christmas, but she already has a Switch with loads of games, some of which I think are VR-compatible. The headsets are reasonably priced and it seems there are games that work in this mode.

I was just wondering if anyone has this, and if so, how good is it? Thanks.

Post by Russell »

I've been considering it too, as far as I can discern. It is pretty good but not as good as the true VR systems. There are quite a few games that have a VR mode.

Post by Debbie »

We got the occulus quest 2, its bloody expensive but honestly worth every penny. My kids love playing games on it and my partner watches the football on it. I quite enjoy beatsaber etc. We bought a better strap but only cos there are many of us sharing it so made sense to have an easily adjustable one.

Post by Georgie »

don’t get this one. It’s poxy & doesn’t even work right xx

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