How do I get it to taste really chocolatey?

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Biggest forum and all that. Hot chocolate! I really want to like it but it just tastes watery to me. How do I get it to taste really chocolatey? Even better if it’s dairy and soya free so my son can enjoy it too!

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Get chocolate oatly - super chocolatey and can be hot or cold.
Jo ~

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Starbucks hot chocolate powder, I found in Sainsbury's, is dairy free and Lids salted caramel hot chocolate. Both yummy! Unsure about soya though, I could look when I get home!

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Use all milk instead of water. Also make sure you use a fair amount of the chocolate. Sorry I don't know any dairy free alternatives though.

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Twinnings hot chocolate is amazing! Make with milk, not water.

I actually had a really nice, creamy hot chocolate out of an M&S vending machine the other day, so their hot chocolate powders might also be worth a try

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4 spoons of hot chocolate, tiny bit of boiling water, stir to form a paste, top up with hot frothy milk in the microwave or on the hob, if dairy free, use oat milk to make it super creamy.. I jave heard of people stirring in actual chocolate but I javent fone it myself xxx

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No water, milk in the micro for 2 mins and stir in 3-4 heaped tablespoons of the cardboard container cadburys drinking chocolate!!! Then top off with marshmallows and cream

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Use Cadbury's Bourneville Cocoa (red tin)and not the drinking chocolate (blue tin which is never chocolatey enough for me either). The red tin is just the cocoa powder so you can add to milk or any plant/nut based milk. Add sugar to taste. If wanting dairy free creamy taste then whisk coconut cream into it.
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