Those who've had items sent via royal mail 24 recently how long did it take please?

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I ordered something via a website and they said it was dispatched over a week ago. But the royal mail tracking says royal mail never received it.

I know there is strikes on but I expected it to at least say it was sitting in some depot somewhere. It's a birthday present and I'm now wondering if it's lost.

Post by Francesca »

If the seller sent by first class post then that RM tracking app is really useless as it only updates when the item is actually delivered. We had this problem with our business over the summer. Thousands and thousands of orders dispatched but the RM app only updates when delivered so the customer thinks (incorrectly) the item hasn’t been dispatched when it has. Contact your seller and they will give you dispatch dates etc but I’m afraid that app only updates when delivered.

Post by Becky »

Depends if it tracked 24 or just 1st class. Tracked you will get an update. 1st class you won't unless its signed for and you only get an update when it's delivered.

Post by Jessica »

I’ve had a similar problem, I’m still waiting in a parcel dispatched 2 weeks ago and the tracking give no update because no attempted delivery made yet.

Post by Nicola »

Loads of delays unfortunately due to strikes… I’m now trying to avoid companies that use Royal Mail as have waited 10-14 days on some 24-48 hour Royal Mail services.

Post by Nicole »

I would be contacting the company. It is scanned as soon as its collected and reaches its 1st depot, that sounds like it hasn't been collected yet. There is a big backlog but RM won't class anything as missing till a minimum of 18 days has passed since receiving it.

Post by Denise »

I've had ordinary post arrive today that was sent in the last few days but a tracked parcel hasn't moved since Nov 26th. I actually work at Royal Mail & I'm starting to think this has been lost or damaged but I'm giving them this week with no strikes to clear any backlogs that various offices might have.
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