How do you guys manage screen time?

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I try my best to limit my son’s to an hour and a half a day but trying to get them off is turning into one big argument!!

I tell them when there’s twenty mins, ten mins, five mins to go but they still don’t listen when it’s time up and just ignore me and keep playing.

I’m at my wits end with it and have turned into a total moaning mother!!


Post by Gracie »

My mum never limited screen time and I won't be with my children either.

That being said, I do intend to provide them with activities to do instead of screen time.

Consider this... What else do they have to do besides screen time?

Post by Sophie »

Don't limit screen time, I'm always on my phone if sat relaxing. I use family link to set a time it goes off for the night, otherwise my eldest would be up all night but we do other activities and then when that's finished they go on their tablets and I sit and have a brew. Happy house!

Post by Dini »

Firstly- model the behaviour by limiting your own screen time.

Secondly- provide them with other things to do including your time and attention.

If all else fails just take it away, you’re the adult, they can’t go and buy their own console. My son partakes in almost all of our family decision making but when it comes to his well being, it’s not up for debate, his brain simply isn’t developed enough yet to make choices now that can’t be taken back later.

Post by Tristann »

For me the point in all this is whether there are consequences to not doing as they are told.

I let mine know that its time to finish up within a few minutes/finish therounds they're on.

If they ignore me they lose it the next day.... And i follow through.

They never give me grief about turning it off..

Post by Damian »

I try and approach the issue from a different angle. I don’t set a screen limit, I try and increase other activities which then automatically decreases screen time.

Post by Hayley »

No screen time limit in my house they work hard at school do extra activities outside of school so I let them play games to relax in their own time.

Post by Louise »

My view is to look at the bigger picture and decide whether it’s a problem or not. I’ve never limited screen time, because I know that my children don’t turn the tv on usually till about 5.30pm anyway, they come home from school and play. Even if your child has screen time from 4 till 7 every week day, and their whole waking weekend (which is unlikely) it only works out at something like 23% of their week. I doubt it would actually be anywhere near this.
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