Does anyone actually have a decent energy provider with actual customer service!

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as I need to switch before I lose my mind
Also, out of interest, how many of you were asked whether you have vulnerable people/ children in the house when you signed up to your provider?

My last provider asked this straight away, current one never did and cut us off despite them being a signatory of the Energy UK Vulnerability Commitment.

Post by Beth »

Your required to notify them of vulnerable people they don’t have to call all customers and check- it’s only a phone call, and getting cut off required all kinds of formal notices why didn’t you respond to those? I think you will find that you cannot switch while your disconnected, you will have to resolve that first. Usually they will put in prepayment meters to recover the debt and if they have already disconnected you they will very likely only be willing to do this. Also remember the vulnerability commitment is optional and not legally enforceable.

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The priority register does not mean you cant be cut off. If you are on prepayment and cant top up its clased as self disconnecting.

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We are with ovo.

Avoid scottish power.

Not sure about the others. I have a 4 bed 3 storey house not on a fixed tariff and my bills for Nov was £40 electricity and £80 gas. My heating, hot water, cooking etc is all gas xx

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I'm with British gas after people's energy folded. Hard to get an engineer out to fix smart meters but they ask me EVERY time if we are on the vulnerable register.

Post by Zoe »

I'm with bulb which is switching to Octopus which I'm more than happy with having read reviews and always see it being recommended.

What do you mean they cut you off?

Post by Susan »

We're with octopus with no issues other than being £1177 in credit and them wanting to up out bills by over £100 a month....had to manually change it to keep our bills the same as we're obviously managing fine with!

Post by Natalie »

All I can say is don't go with So Energy. We were with them on a fixed before we moved. Decided to to use them at our new house they were meant to do our gas and electric. Only our electric was moved and 5 months later our gas still isn't with them and I've given up because the hours spent on the phone and our email complaints have been ignored. My gas is with octopus and they're customer service is amazing.

Post by Brooke »

I’ve always been with British Gas and haven’t ever had any problems, I’ve been in my new house a month and it’s with octopus…it’s shocking! Price wise it’s fine but contacting them via email/the app has taken 1-2 weeks to get a response each time and they couldn’t even help so had to phone them. I’m not overly impressed so far but its 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other so going to give them a chance. In saying that I do like the app though, I like how it generates the bill after readings etc.
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