With Co parenting how do you decide where they spend Christmas each year?

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So, we asked the girls who are 8 and 6 and they want to spend it with there dad but there mum is saying point blank no not having them any Christmas as they have a younger sister and it's not fair on the younger to not wake up with her sisters.

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Mine always spend it with me. Their dad comes early morning so we wait for him and then we get up open pressies etc he stays for his dinner along with my parents then he leaves at 4pm. I thought this year may be different as he has moved in with his partner but nope still doing the same as its for the kids and nice to do it all together. It's only 1 day. We are lucky as neither of us had other kids.

Post by Danielle »

Alternative Christmas , it’s the fairest way for kids and parents.

Post by Katie »

Me and my daughters dad been split up for 8 years now, she always done mine Christmas Eve his Christmas Day. But this year she didn’t want that she now 9 nearly 10 she wants us to spend it together we both got different partners and happy. So has one big family we spending it together this year so she doesn’t have to leave any of our houses! She so excited. But it’s so hard at Christmas time.

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Does anybody actually ask the kids what they want to do or who they want to spend it with? I'm 25 and I swear I get ptsd this time of year, it puts so much pressure on kids, even once they're adults "it's my turn to have you this year" 😣😣 I mean I get it its hard to be split up and you want what's best but please try think of it from the other point of view of the kids, give them a choice x

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I have my children at home every year. My ex spends Christmas day and boxing day at our house with his gf and my partner. We have been doing it this way for the last 5 years. I totally understand not everyone can do this but it works for us. X

Post by Amy »

Split right in half. This year my ex has our son Christmas Eve and half way through Christmas day then I have half Christmas Day (dinner this year) and Boxing Day! It’s really horrible as waking up alone on Christmas morning is heart breaking but has to be fair.

Post by Annika »

I personally wouldn’t ask the children coming from a home where my parents spilt it’s putting them in a very awkward position. Talk about it as adults between yourselves and alternate it each year.

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First year separated this year and we have both decided to spend Christmas together, their dad is staying here Xmas Eve so that we both get to watch them open their presents and have dinner and play games. That way neither parents miss out.

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I am lucky enough that we sorted it from the beginning that their dad would be at mine for them wakening to see them opening gifts. I then take them to his place afternoon after seeing family and they spend a few days with him ❤️ it’s not easy but we were both of the mindframe that we wanted to do what was best for the kids and this has worked for us x
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