How do you explain to your children why there are different Father Christmas’ at different places?

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.. Like one will go to school, one will be at a garden centre one at a grotto etc etc. My daughter is 5 and I just know that she’s going to ask this year and I’m not sure how to explain it.

We went to LaplandUK last year but that was a rare treat and can’t afford to go again, so I just know she’ll see the difference in the Father Christmas we go to see this year and I think she’s going to ask. Not sure how to explain it.

What do you guys do?

Thanks in advance..

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I tell mine these Santas aren’t the real one. They’re Santa’s mates because the real Santa is too busy getting things sorted for Xmas. So, these Santa friends are elves dresses up, finding out what the boys and girls want for Xmas to report back to the real Santa.
Jo ~

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My son was always told that the real Santa is far too busy at this time of year so he got special helpers to dress up as him. But they always report back to the real Santa about what he wanted etc. He believed until this year, he's 10 now. We will still keep some of the magic though, somehow!!

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That Santa has helpers (elves that pretend to be him) as he can’t be everywhere, so u never know if it’s the real Santa or not. So, we like to guess when we come out. Any really dodgy ones we both look at each other (children and I) and say he definitely wasn’t the real Santa.

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I've always told my boys that the real Santa is busy this time of year making sure he has the presents ready for all the children, so the other Santa's are his friends helping him out.

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I took my 5-year-old to Lapland U.K. last year I honestly don’t think she remembered what he looked like before she saw Santa this year. Try not to overthink it.

Either time travels with him otherwise how else will he get around the whole world in one night.

If in doubt go with ‘gosh I don’t know darling no one really knows, isn’t he so magical.

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Because Santa is rather busy at this time of year and needs to stay at the North Pole.

However he has trusted humans who dress up like him to relay messages back to the big man.

I had to make this up on the spot when Santas had a change over at an event IN FRONT of the kids !!!!

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They are the special Santa's helpers because he can't get everywhere on the same days they help him out like the elves do but they have bigger responsibilities than the elves and they are hired by Santa himself. Santa has to save all his energy and magic for the big night there is lots more children wanting bigger and bigger stuff each year he can't do it all on his own anymore is what worked for us he started asking age 4/5 he's now 6 and everything is fine he knows they aren't the real ones at garden centre but he knows they will pass all the information on to the real one and they highly trained by Santa himself so they do exactly what the real one would.

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My son has always known they are not really Santa as he's too busy to be everywhere and has to keep an eye on the elves in North Pole.

He knows they are Santa's special friends who can help him know what every child wants. They wear the Santa suit as a uniform so everyone knows they can trust them to let Santa know what they want.

It's hard work thinking up stories for everything isn't it.
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